With great experience and vast knowledge of the online advertising industry, Ludius Media puts a clear focus on matching the best media with the best brands and advertisers.

Matching quality brands and media while assuring the best monitization options for both sides had no definition- so we had to make one up:

Ludius Media puts Qualitization above all!

Caring for your brand’s needs, meeting your required KPI’s and managing your campaigns across our media channels will guarantee you the best results, get your brand the exposure it deserves and will maximize your revenue

With a media reach spreading across Desktop, Mobile, Online video and TV channels we have all the tools to accomodate to your campaign needs

We take pride in providing the best service to your team- Optimization at the highest level- and Result driven feedback from our team focusing on reaching your goals and more!


Providing online advertising and content solutions for publishers and advertisers across all platforms and devices

Cross Channel Exposure

Operating across several creative formats that provide the user with an engaging, non intrusive experience- your brand will blend into the user’s screen as if he always wanted it to be there- whether it’s on the user’s mobile phone, tablet or their computer

Video Ad Server

Our in-house, unique Video Ad Server gives us the option to dive into your campaigns details in a level no other ad server availble today can, in depth analytics provide the best view for your campaign’s activity.
Optimization has never been easier and so thorough

Campaign management

We believe that a WIN-WIN relationship between our publishers and our advertisers is the recepiet for success- we manage each campaign with the same dedication and devotion we give each of our publishers, our team studies your requirements, your needs and your goals and esteblishes the best road map to reach these goals- while maintaining great communication and feedback along the way

Business Development

We’re always thinking about the next big thing for your campaigns- always looking for the next interesting ad format, new target market and overall new opportunities across our network- all so we could take your campaign beyond your expectations



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